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vol 8. no 2. June 2009  

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Analysis of causes of lymphadenopathy in children referred to Hematology Outpatient Clinic
Joanna Zawitkowska, Emilia Kątska, Jerzy Kowalczyk

Introduction. Lymphadenopathy is a frequent problem in children who require medical advice.
Aim. Analyse causes of lymphadenopathy in children.
Material and methods. The study group included 60 patients (37 boys and 23 girls, aged between 5 months to 17 years) referred by pediatricians, laryngologists or family doctors for suspected lymphadenopathy to the Hematology Outpatient Clinic. The causes of limphadenopathy, diagnostic methods and effectiveness of the applied treatment were analysed. The diagnostic procedures included determinations of blood cell count, BS, LDH, antibody IgM and IgG for mononucleosis, cytomegaly, toxoplasmosis, boreliosis, lymph node and abdomen USG, chest x-ray.
Results. In 10/60 patients, were not enlarged during consultation at the outpatient clinic. Bilateral cervical lymphadenopathy was diagnosed in the remaining 50 children, including nuchal – 3, right-side cervical – 2, left side mandibular – 1, right side retroauricular – 2, left side occipital – 1, cervical, axillary, inguinal – 1. In 40/60 children, upper respiratory tract infections were diagnosed, while in the remaining children lymphadenopathy was found to be due to sialodenitis, peridental abscess, mononucleosis, cytomegaly, toxoplasmosis, boreliosis. Malignancy was not diagnosed in any of the examined children.
Conclusions. The most common causes of lymphadenopathy in analysed children were upper respiratory tract infections and local inflammations. These children did not require to be treated at the hematology clinic.

keywords: limfadenopatia, dzieci, etiologia, diagnostyka, leczenie, lymphadenopathy, children, etiology, diagnostics, treatment

pages: from 72 to 75

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