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vol 8. no 2. June 2009  

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Clinical aspect of discomalleolar ligament morphology
Jarosław Wysocki, Krzysztof P. Krasucki, Michał Szałwiński, Jakub Powała, Edyta Jędrych, Michał Kotlarski

Introduction. The discomalleolar ligament is a structure which connects temporomandibular joint with the middle ear. It is a remnant of Meckel cartilages in the petrotympanic fissure.
Aim. Considering that no description has been available in the classical textbooks on human anatomy and that practical significance for the clinical practice of the observations made heretofore has not been explained, the authors decided to provide a concise description of the discomalleolar ligament and report some relevant clinical implications.
Material and methods. Fifteen specimen of temporal bones were used to verify that the ligament was present and to determine its dimensions and topography. Effect of ligament motion on the little hammer was studied. Microtomographic images were analysed.
Results. A 7-mm long triangular structure was spotted in all studied specimen. Furthermore it was observed that changes in ligament tension within the temporomandibular joint resulted in the movement of the little hammer.
Conclusions. An obvious connection was demonstrated between the little hammer and the top of the temporomandibular joint by the presence of the discomalleolar ligament. Therefore the latter should be considered to constitute the inherent element of the ligament structure of temporomandibular joint.

keywords: więzadło krążkowo-młoteczkowe, kość skroniowa, staw skroniowo-żuchwowy, discomalleolar ligament, temporal bone, temporomandibular joint

pages: from 66 to 71

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