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vol 13. no 3. September 2014  

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Long-term follow up in injection laryngoplasty with hyaluronic acid
Beata Miaśkiewicz, Agata Szkiełkowska

Introduction. Glottic insufficiency is one of the most frequent
causes of voice disorders. There are many treatment modalities,
such as voice therapy, laryngeal framework surgery, injection
Aim. To assess the quality of voice and durability of results in
long-term follow up of patients who were treated by injection
of hyaluronic acid into the vocal folds and validate indications
for hyaluronic acid injection laryngoplasty.
Materials and methods. 35 patients suffering from
dysphonia, who were referred for injection laryngoplasty.
Preoperative and postoperative examinations were based on
videostrobolaryngoscopy, patients’ voice was assessed using the
subjective GRBAS scale, and objective evaluation was performed
using Multidimensional Voice Program. All patients underwent
medialization laryngoplasty with injection of hyaluronic acid
into the vocal folds. Follow-up examinations were conducted
6,12,24 and 36 months after injection.
Results. Perceptual voice quality assessed by the GRBAS scale
was improved and the results were stabile in long term follow
up periods. Multidimensional Voice Analysis showed significant
statistical improvement within the group of frequency, amplitude
and noise parameters.
Conclusions. Injection of the hyaluronic acid into the vocal
fold improves quality of voice in patients suffering from glottic
insufficiency. Stabile voice improvement confirms the long-lasting
effect of hyaluronic acid injection laryngoplasty. Appropriate
qualification criteria are essential for effectiveness of injection

keywords: laryngoplastyka iniekcyjna, kwas hialuronowy, niewydolność fonacyjna głośni, porażenie fałdówgłosowych, wideostroboskopia, analiza akustyczna głosu, injection laryngoplasty, hyaluronic acid, glottic insufficiency, vocal fold paralysis, videostroboscopy, a

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