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  Patronage of the Polish Society of Audiology and Phoniatrics

vol 13. no 2. June 2014  

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Treatment of primary cholesteatoma of external auditory canal
Jerzy Kuczkowski, Dmitry Tretiakow, Wojciech Sierszeń, Wojciech Biernat, Andrzej Molisz

Introduction. Primary cholesteatoma of external auditory canal
(EAC) is an extremely rare disease of the ear. Its diagnosis and
treatment is difficult.
Aim. The aim of our study was an epidemiological and clinical
analysis of primary cholesteatoma of EAC with regard to its
location, symptoms, stage and methods of surgical treatment.
Materials and methods. We treated 9 ears of 9 patients
aged 23-65 years (mean age 52.5), 4 women and 5 men, who
accounted for 0.67% of all patients with chronic otitis media
admitted to the Clinic over the last 5 years.
Results. In 6 cases, the cholesteatoma was located in the posterior
superior and posterior inferior wall of EAC, in 3 cases
the tumor penetrated into the mastoid cavity. Stage III and IV in
Naim’s classification tumors were diagnosed in 6 and 3 cases,
respectively. Complications associated with the penetration of
cholesteatoma beyond EAC were not observed. Histopathological
examination of the tissue removed during the surgery
confirmed the diagnosis of cholesteatoma. Inner-ear and postauricular
surgical access was used. All patients achieved regression
of inflammation in EAC with improved hearing.
Conclusions. Computed tomography and histopathological
examination allows to avoid the errors in the diagnostics of
EAC. Surgical treatment results in remission of the disease and
improved hearing.

keywords: perlak pierwotny, ucho zewnętrzne, diagnostyka, klasyfikacja, leczenie,primary cholesteatoma, external ear, diagnosis, classification, treatment

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