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  Patronage of the Polish Society of Audiology and Phoniatrics

vol 12. no 3. September 2013  

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The angle of directional hearing acuity in patients after the treatment of sudden sensorineural hearing loss
Mirosław Gromnicki, Waldemar Narożny, Jerzy Kuczkowski, Agata Sochaczewska

Introduction. Auditory localization is one of the ways of spatial
orientation which helps to evaluate the surrounding environment
on the basis of acoustic information. Quality of directional
hearing is especially important to people with impaired hearing
Aim. The evaluation of the angle of directional hearing in
patients who experienced a sudden sensorineural hearing loss
Material and methods. The authors evaluated the status of
directional hearing of 61 patients who experienced SSHL at least
one year earlier. Among them there were 26 patients whose
treatment of SSHL resulted in an improvement of hearing and
35 patients whose hearing did not improve as a result of the
Results. Disturbances of angle of directional hearing acuity were
diagnosed after at least one year from the end of the treatment
in 51 of 61 patients (83.6%). The majority of disturbances were
one-sided (33/61 – 54.1%), mainly on the side where the ear
was impaired; two-sided disturbances were rarer and occurred
in 18 (29.5%) of 61 patients. Disturbances of directional hearing
were diagnosed more often among patients who did not show
improvement of hearing (94.3%) than among patients whose
treatment was successful (69.2%).
Conclusions. Disturbances of angle of directional hearing acuity
are a frequent problem in patients who experienced a sudden
sensorineural hearing loss, affecting mainly those patients in
whom the hearing had not been improved.

keywords: słyszenie kierunkowe, kąt ostrości słyszenia kierunkowego (KOSK), nagły niedosłuch czuciowo-nerwowy, directional hearing, angle of directional hearingacuity (ADHA), sudden sensorineural hearing loss

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