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  Patronage of the Polish Society of Audiology and Phoniatrics

vol 12. no 1. March 2013  

 Review articles
Evaluation of the oral cavity health in patients with head and neck cancer undergoing oncological treatment
Ewelina Golusińska, Hubert Kardach, Anna Wegner, Marcin Sówka, Wojciech Golusiński

Introduction. Patients undergoing combined treatment for
head and neck cancer are likely to develop complications within
the oral cavity region.
Aim. Dental assessment of the oral cavity in patients with
head and neck cancer before and after combined oncological
Material and methods. The study subjects included 35 patients
of the Head, Neck and Laryngological Clinic of the Greatpoland
Oncology Centre undergoing combined treatment for head
and neck cancer. Patients’ oral health condition assessment was
based on the following indicators: API, OHI-S, ACS, dental and
periodontal status - CPITN, state of the oral mucosa – according
to WHO, and TMD state – according to Helkimo rate. The
assessment was performed prior to treatment and 4 weeks
after the beginning of the treatment.
Results. All patients developed complications arising from
the type of the applied treatment. Dental hygiene rules were
more frequently neglected. Inclusion of combined treatment
resulted in changes in oral mucosa, impaired dental condition
and progression of parodontal diseases. The changes in the temporomandibular
joint were manifested by clicking, popping or
grating sound when opening or closing the mouth, and inability
to open the mouth to the full.
Conclusions. A dentist should constitute an integral part of the
multidisciplinary team planning and conducting the oncological
treatment of patients with head and neck cancers.

keywords: radioterapia, chemioterapia, jama ustna, powikłania, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, oral cavity, complication

pages: from 48 to 54

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