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vol 11. no 3. September 2012  

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A rare case of adult rhabdomyoma of submandibular and mental region and floor of oral cavity
Jarosław Markowski, Monika Świderek-Kliszewska, Tatiana Gierek, Wirginia Likus, Jacek Pająk, Tomasz Lepich, Małgorzata Witkowska

Introduction. Rhabdomyoma in adults is a rare benign tumor
originating from striated muscle cells. It was first described
by Zenker in 1864. The term rhabdomyoma is now used for
two types of tumours: cardiac rhabdomyoma and the far rarer
extracardiac form. Ninety per cent of the tumours occur in the
head and neck region.
Material and methods. We present a case of rhabdomyoma
localized in the submandibular and mental area in a 46-year-old
man. The patient had been originally treated twice by surgery
at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery. The procedure
had proved to be non-radical, the tumour recurred, and the
patient was sent to the ENT Department of the Silesian Medical
University. The patient was operated from external approach
under general anaesthesia. Central tracheotomy was performed
and the tumour was removed from the floor of oral cavity and
submandibular region, including the submandibular gland.
Results. Eighteen-month follow-up did not reveal symptoms
of tumour recurrence.
Conclusions. Rhabdomyoma should always be considered in
case of neck tumours, particularly those that are slow-growing,
non-painful and oligosymptomatic. The patients should be followed-
up even several tens of years after the surgery.

keywords: mięśniak prążkowano komórkowy, nowotwory głowy i szyi

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