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vol 7. no 4. December 2002  

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The eficacy of venom immunotherapy in patients with Hymenoptera venom allergy - the evaluation based on in vivo and vitro methods
Wiesław Szymański, Irena Złotnik, Iwona Kucharewicz, Anna Bodzenta-Łukaszyk

Klinika Alergologii i Chorób Wewnętrznych AM w Białymstoku, ul. M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 24a, 15-276 Białystok

Background. Venom immunotherapy (VIT) is recommended as a method of choice for the treatment of Hymenoptera venom allergy.
Aim of study. The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficiency of VIT in patients with the allergy to honey bee or wasp venom treated with three different vaccines: Pharmalgen-Alk (53 patients), Alutard SQ-Alk (16 patients) or ALBAY-Dome-Hollister-Stier (12 patients).
Material and methods. The clinical efficacy of VIT was proved by skin reactivity and challenge test using lively Hymenoptera. The level of specific IgE (sIgE), sIgG4, sulfidoleukotrienes (sLTC4) and the release of histamine from basophils were measured.
Results. The reduced skin reactivity and the negative challenge test allowed stating of the effectively conducted VIT. The efficient VIT was related to the decrease in sIgE and the increase in sIgG4 level, and the decrease of released histamine. Pharmalgen was the most effective vaccine.
Conclusions. Assessment of effective immunotherapy may be based on decreased skin reactivity and negative challenge test. Alergia Astma Immunologia, 2002, 7(4), 216-222

keywords: alergia na jad błonkówek, immunoterapia swoista, test prowokacyjny, Hymenoptera venom allergy, venom immunotherapy, challenge test

pages: from 216 to 222

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