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vol 7. no 3. September 2002  

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Perinatal factors and severity of children’s asthma – the pilot study
Zbigniew Doniec, Bogumiła Kiełbasa*, Violetta Ciszek-Doniec**, Krzysztof Pisiewicz, Grzegorz Willim, Ryszard Kurzawa

Instytut Gruźlicy i Chorób Płuc, Oddział Terenowy im. Jana i Ireny Rudników w Rabce Zdroju, Klinika Alergologii i Pneumonologii, ul. Prof. J. Rudnika 3b, 34-700 Rabka-Zdrój
*Centralny Szpital Kliniczny Śląskiej Akademii Medycznej w Katowicach, ul. Medykó

Introduction. The study was aimed to investigate the relationship between perinatal period and asthma severity in later childhood.
Material and methods. A crossectional study was performed on 672 children aged 6-17 years treated in the Department of Allergology and Pneumonology – the National Research Institute for Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Rabka Zdroj Branch. Data on a perinatal period were collected with a detailed questionnaire. Diagnosis of asthma severity was done on the basis of detailed typical clinical examinations according to GINA protocol.
Results. After analyzing several perinatal factors, which might to be related to asthma severity only early introduction of cereals (gluten) were related with more severe course of asthma (OR 1,5; 95% CI 1,1-2,2). Neonatal status and lack of a breast-feeding seems to be also related with asthma severity but not significantly.
Conclusions. These results suggest that perinatal factors are related to the increased risk of the development of severe asthma in children.
Alergia Astma Immunologia, 2002, 7(3), 155-159

keywords: astma dziecięca, czynniki perinatalne, children's asthma, perinatal factors

pages: from 155 to 159

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