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vol 6. no 4. December 2001  

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Specific IgE and IgG response to tetanus toxoids after TyT and Td booster
Maria Fiejka, Anna Fordymacka, Paulina Górska, Jerzy Kruszewski, Józef Knap, Janusz ¦lusarczyk

Aluminum hydroxide adsorbed vaccines including diphtheria and tetanus toxoids (DT, Td, T, DTP) frequently cause local adverse reactions. Aluminum stimulates not only the synthesis of IgG but also IgE antibodies.
The aim of this study was to compare the total and specific anti-tetanus IgE antibody response following booster immunization with either aluminium adsorbed (Td) or non-adsorbed (TyT) vaccines.
Two groups of young men aged 19-21 years were examined. One of the groups was vaccinated with Td, and another with TyT vaccine. Antibodies titration was performed in sera obtained before (n=88) and 3 months after (n=84) vaccination with ELISA. Positive sera selected during screening examination were referred as a control.
The study indicated statistically significant (p=0.0011) increase of level of specific anti-tetanus IgE antibodies (0.15±0.3) after Td booster vaccination, in comparison to the pre-vaccination level (0.04±0.1). No statistically significant increase of antibodies after TyT booster vaccination was observed (p>0.05). We have not found any significant differences in the total IgE level between both groups neither before nor after vaccination.
The results indicate that aluminum hydroxide gel adsorbed vaccine caused significant increase of specific anti-tetanus IgE antibodies class after vaccination, when compared with non-adsorbed vaccine.
Alergia Astma Immunologia, 2001, 6(4), 205-208

keywords: immunoglobulina E, szczepienie przypominaj±ce, adiuwant glinowy, szczepionka Td, szczepionka TyT, immunoglobulin E, booster vaccination, aluminium adjuvant, Td vaccine, TyT vaccine

pages: from 205 to 208

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