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vol 6. no 4. December 2001  

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Endothelin, von Willebrand factor and endothelial cells in peripheral blood in COPD patients
Maryla Krasnowska, Marita Nittner-Marszalska, Ryszard Krasnowski, Wacław Kopeć

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is characterized with chronic inflammation throughout the airways, parenchyma and pulmonary blood vessels. Macrophages, T lymphocytes (predominately CD8), neutrophils but also endothelial cells participate in chronic inflammation. Endothelin - a peptide produced by endothelium, a potent spasmogen, a proliferative factor of smooth muscles and the von Willebrand factor (vWF) are included among markers of endothelial damage. It has been proved so far that endothelin concentration is increased in blood and BALF of COPD patients.
The objective of the study was to assess the number of circulating endothelial cells, the concentration of endothelin and vWF in blood in COPD patients as compared with healthy individuals. The immunofluorescence method using a specific monoclonal endothelium antibody was applied. Endothelin and vWF were assessed by immunoenzymatic method. The study included 14 COPD patients (9 men and 5 women) and 15 healthy individuals, aged 20 to 40.
The circulating endothelial cells average count in COPD patients was 1.14±2.1 vs. 0.45±0.14 cells/ml in healthy controls. The differences were of statistic significance. The concentration of endothelin (1.59±0.89 vs. 0.48±0.3) and vWF (110.5±13.9 vs. 102.8 vs. 32.2) although it was increased in COPD patients, was not significantly different between groups. There was significant positive correlation between endothelial cells count and concentrations of both studied factors.
These results may indicate the endothelial involvement in pathogenesis of COPD.
Alergia Astma Immunologia, 2001, 6(4), 195-199

keywords: endotelina, komórki ¶ródbłonka, czynnik von Willebranda, POChP, endothelin, endothelial cells, von Willebrand factor, COPD

pages: from 195 to 199

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