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vol 6. no 1. March 2001  

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Association between HLA-DRB1 polymorphism and markers of severity of rheumatoid arthritis
Marek L. Kowalski, Joanna Hilt, Joanna Stańczyk, Maciej Borowiec, Grzegorz Woszczek

It is now well established that genetic variations in HLA-DRB1 region may influence susceptibility to RA. The clinical manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) varies considerably among individual patients but genetic component of the disease severity has not been elucideted.
The goal of the study was to assess the association of the HLA-DRB1 gene with different markers of severity of the disease. Seventy six patients with RA and 152 healthy controls were typed for HLA-DRB1 gene by molecular method (Dynal RELI SSO HLA-DRB). Clinical, radiographic and immunological assessment of patients was conducted. DRB1*04 alleles were present in 47% of RA patients vs 25% of healthy controls (OR=2,7; pc=0,01). The frequency od DRB1*04 genes was higher in patiens with: rheumatoid factor (RF) positive RA (OR=14,9; pc=0,001), primarily chronic course of disease (OR=4,7; pc=0,03) and familial incidence of RA (OR=7,8; pc=0,02) comparing to RF-negative patients, with acute course of disease and without familial history of RA. DRB1*04 alleles were significantly more frequent in patients with more intensive joint destruction reflected by index (defined as the number of eroded joints/duration of the disease) ł1 (OR=12; pc=0,001). We did not observed differences in frequencies of DRB1*01 alleles neither between studied group and controls nor between subgroups of RA patients.
Our study confirmed association of DRB1*04 alleles not only with susceptibility to RA but with clinical features of the disease as well.
Alergia Astma Immunologia, 2001, 6(1), 51-56

keywords: reumatoidalne zapalenie stawów, genetyka, allele HLA-DR, rheumatoid arthritis, genetics, HLA-DR alleles

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