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  Authority of Polish Society of Allergology

vol 5. no 1. March 2000  

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The influence of treatment with hypoallergic diet on antioxidative barrier and lipid peroxidation products in children with cow's milk allergy
Kalina Pokuszyńska, Henryka Brózik, Janusz Piotr Sikora

The aim of the study was the evaluation of selected components of antioxidative barrier and lipid peroxidation products in children with cow's milk protein allergy before hypoallergic diet and after three months of its application. Two groups of 21 children aged 2-25 months were studied. In the first group the serum concentrations of selenium (Se), vitamin E (vit. E) and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) activity were evaluated with spectrofluorimetric and spectrophotometric methods. The concentrations of conjugated dienes, malonic dialdehyde (MDA) and Schiff bases were determined in the second group. Before the hypoallergic diet, deficiencies of Se and the decreased activity of GSH-Px were observed in more than a half of children while in approximately one-third of patients we noticed deficiency of Vit. E. The incidence and the degree of deficiencies decreased after 3 months of hypoallergic diet. The higest concentrations of MDA and conjugated dienes were observed before introducing the diet, they decreased after diet application. However, the concentration of Schiff bases after the study period was increased. In spite of the clinical improvement metabolic abnormalities were still observed after 3 months of application of hypoallergic diet.
Our study demonstrated that succesful treatment of food allergy with hypoallergic diet is associated with normalization of abnormal parameters of antioxidative barrier in allergic children.
Alergia Astma Immunol 2000; 5(1): 68-73

keywords: alergia na białka mleka krowiego, selen, peroksydaza glutationowa, witamina E, produkty peroksydacji lipidów, cow's milk protein allergy, hypoallergic diet, selenium, glutathione peroxidase, vitamin E, lipid peroxidation products

pages: from 68 to 73

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