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Allergy Asthma Immunology
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vol 5. no 1. March 2000  

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Prevalence of asthma symptoms among adolescents in Łódź
Dorota Kardas-Sobantka, Anna Stańczyk, Mariusz Kubik

Asthma is the most frequent chronic disease in childhood. Over recent years an increasing prevalence of asthma has been proved in many epidemiological studies.
In 1997 we conducted a survey among students of two secondary schools in Łódź. The study included 775 students aged 15-20 years. The applied questionnaire contained 70 detailed questions based on ISAAC.
The presence of at least one of asthma symptoms was reported by 10,1% (78/775) of students. Among them 5,4% (4//775) complained of unproductive night cough not associated with infection over last 12 months, 5,5% (43/775) of wheezing, 4,9 % (38/775) of wheezing episodes. In this group asthma diagnosis is highly probable, though it was earlier diagnosed only in 2,2% (17/775). Among asthmatic patients risk factors were more common than in other students: hypersensitivity to inhalant allergens-pollens (70,6% vs 9,6%), house-dust mites (58,8% vs 6,2%), domestic animals and pets (52,9% vs 5,3%), infections of the respiratory tract during the last 12 months (41,2% vs 14,2%), passive tobacco smoking (70,6% vs 48%), bad living conditions (41,2% vs 13,2%) and low birth weight (35,3% vs 11,5%).
In conclusion, asthma defined by the presence of clinical symptoms has been found in 10,1% adolescents in Łódź, but prior asthma diagnosis had been established only in 2,2% of the study population. The group of adolescents with asthma symptoms requires further medical observation.
Alergia Astma Immunol 2000; 5(1): 51-55

keywords: astma, objawy kliniczne, młodzież, częstość występowania, czynniki ryzyka, asthma, clinical symptoms, adolescents, prevalence, risk factors

pages: from 51 to 55

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