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  Authority of Polish Society of Allergology

vol 4. no 2. March 1999  

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The estimation of vacuuming effecttveness in removing house dust mite Der p I allergens
Barbara Majkowska-Wojciechowska, Marzanna Jarzębska, Janina Grzegorczyk, Marek L. Kowalski

Katedra i Zakład Immunologii Klinicznej Akademii Medycznej, ul. Mazowiecka 11, 92-215 Łódź

One of the standard methods of prevention of dust mite sensitivity is removal of mite allergens from the home environment. The aim of this study was estimation of usefulness of vacuuming in removing Der p I allergens. At first, we tried to establish how efficacient and how fast, three types of vacuum cleaners A, B and C with mechanical power of their motors: 1100W, 600 W, 670 W, removed out a dust and Der p I allergens from vacuuming surface. Secondly, we investigated if the most popular in Poland vacuum cleaner A, sprayed Der p I allergens into the air. Vacuuming of 3 m2 of eight carpets allowed for estimation ofeffectiveness of dust and allergens removing. Single vacuuming did not reduce Der p I concentration. Just after threefold vacuuming in 45 minutes total time (3 x 15) led to reduction of the mean value by about 25%. The study of effectively vacuum cleaner's A filters demonstrate that filter I, locate between dust bag and a otor, cumulated threefold more Der p I allergens that filter II purifying air through out vacuum, so filter I would be changed more often than II. The Der p I allergen emission to environment was studied with Burkard instrument, during vacuuming with vacuum cleaner A. No increase in the Der p I concentration in the air was observed. Our stydy demonstrated low effectiveness of vacuuming in reducing Der p I allergens concentration. We pointed out that removing of carpeting and upholstery should have priority amoung preventive measures in house dust mite allergy.
Alergia Astma Immunologia 1999, 4(2), 97-106


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