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  Authority of Polish Society of Allergology

vol 3. no 4. December 1998  

 Diagnostics and treatment of allergy
Grass pollen allergens
Piotr Rapiejko1,„^3, Elżbieta Weryszko-Chmielewska 2,3

1) Klinika Otolaryngologiczna CSK WAM w Warszawie, ul. Szaserów 128, 00-909 Warszawa
2) Katedra Botaniki, Akademia Rolnicza w Lublinie
3) Ośrodek Badania Alergenów środowiskowych w Warszawie

Grass pollen allergens are the most common cause of allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis in our temperature zone. Grass pollen allerginicity is very well documented.
High level of crossreactivity between allergens of different grass species is described. A great number of grass species growing in Poland is the reason for relatively long pollinating season; starting in March ending in October. The peak of season falls in June and July. Among 1423 patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis 83.5% displayed grass pollen hypersensitivity.
In Katowice, very highly polluted area, allergic symptoms were initiated in all te patients with grass pollen hypersensitivity when pollen concentration reached the level of 36 grains in 1 cubic meter of the air.
In Warsaw, where air pollution is also a problem, a threshold exposure concentration for all patients was 53 grass pollen grains per cubic meter of air, while 50% of them developed their symptoms earlier at the level of 41 grass pollen grains in 1 cubic meter.
In unpolluted area of Great Mazurian Lakes all patients with grass pollen hypersensitivity developed their symptoms at the level of 71 grains in 1 cubic meter of air, while 50% of them displayed the symptoms earlier - when grass pollen concetration reached the level of 62.


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