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vol 20. no 4. December 2015  

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Asthma exacerbations after discontinuation of omalizumab treatment
Wojciech Budny, Roman Skiepko, Mateusz Łukaszyk, Maciej Klimek, Ziemowit Ziętkows ki, Anna Bodzenta-Łukaszyk

allergic asthma. Despite many years of experience and research on the
drug the optimal duration of treatment with anti-IgE has not been determined
yet. Literature data on the subject reports cases of loss of asthma
control after cessation of treatment, regardless of its duration.
Aim. The aim of the study was to assess the course of the disease in
five patients treated with omalizumab for over five years, who did not
receive the continuation of the existing biological treatment in 2013 for
procedural reasons.
Materials and methods. During 18 weeks of observation, the study
group was evaluated for clinical condition, pulmonary function parameters
(FEV1), nitric oxide concentration in exhaled air (FeNO), number of
hospitalizations, doses of inhaled glucocorticosteroids (ICS), number of
exacerbations, necessity to add systemic glucocorticosteroids (OCS) and
rescue medication consumption.
Results. A decrease in respiratory parameters, an increase in rescue medication
consumption and the mean dose of inhaled glucocorticosteroids
was observed in the entire study group. Three cases presented with loss
of disease control and two patients had systemic steroids added to the
Conclusions. The possibility of asthma exacerbations after omalizumab
discontinuation is relatively high and therefore patients should be closely
monitored for disease progression as well as considered for requalification
for anti-IgE treatment.

keywords: astma ciężka, omalizumab, zakończenie leczenia,severe asthma, omalizumab, treatment discontinuation

pages: from 253 to 256

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