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vol 20. no 1. January 2015  

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The usefulness of patch tests with food allergens in diagnosing and treatment of atopic dermatitis in adults
Barbara Rymarczyk, Joanna Glück, Barbara Rogala

Introduction. Multiple factors are involved in the development of atopic
dermatitis (AD). Food allergens and dietary factors are considered to be
possible triggers of the inflammatory reactions and exacerbations during
Aim. Assessment of usefulness of patch tests with food allergens in the
diagnosis and therapy in adults suffering from atopic dermatitis.
Material and methods. Thirty adults (19 women, 11 men, mean age
34.9±4.3 yrs) with diagnosed moderate/severe atopic dermatitis were
enrolled into the study. The skin was scored by the SCORAD scale at the
beginning of the study (SCORAD I). Each of subjects underwent skin prick
tests with the most common inhalation and food allergens. Serum concentrations
of allergen-specific IgE against food allergens were assessed.
Patch tests with food allergens were applied to the skin of the back of
each patient. The results of the diagnostic tests were used to prepare
recommended the elimination diets. After 1 month of diet, the skin was
reevaluated (SCORAD II).
Results. Two (6.7%) patients experienced food anaphylaxis in the past,
9 (30%) showed exacerbations of AD due to ingestion of spices,
6 (20%) chocolate, 5 (16.7%) milk/alcohol, 3 (10%) of hen eggs/fruits.
Four (13.3%) patients had positive skin prick tests with food allergens.
Six (20%) patients had elevated serum food-specific IgE concentrations
(≥0.7 kU/l; ≥class 2). Two patients showed positive APT tests, but only one
benefited from the elimination diet (Δ SCORAD 10 pts).
Conclusions. Patch tests with food allergens rarely facilitate identification
of the trigger factor responsible for the exacerbation/ persistence of
AD, but their safety and relatively low cost cause that this procedure may
be useful as one of the tools in the diagnostics and treatment of moderate/
severe AD in adults.

keywords: alergia pokarmowa, atopowe zapalenie skóry, alergeny pokarmowe, naskórkowe testy płatkowe, pokarmowe,food allergy, atopic dermatitis, food allergens, patch tests

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