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vol 19. no 4. December 2014  

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Comparison of the exhaled nitric oxide level in smokers and nonsmokers, including asthmatic patients
Angelika Szwed, Krzysztof Buczyłko, Aneta Wagner

Introduction. Measurement of fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) is
a simple diagnostic test, which is a useful marker of eosinophilic airway
inflammation in asthmatics. The diagnostic utility of fractional exhaled
nitric oxide test has not been clearly defined in smokers.
Aim. This study was aimed to assess the level of FeNO in smokers, including
smoking asthmatics, compared to nonsmokers, confirm or reject the
relationship between the level of FeNO and years of smoking and daily
number of smoked cigarettes, and evaluate motivation to quit smoking.
Material and methods. Seventy-nine subjects (41 smokers and 38 nonsmokers)
were included in the study. The study was performed using the
author-made survey, Fagerström Tolerance Questionnaire and Schneider
Motivation Test. Contents of FeNO and carbon monoxide (CO) in the air
exhaled by the subjects were determined.
Results. The levels of FeNO in smokers were not significantly different
from those in nonsmokers, both in the asthmatic and the non-asthmatic
subjects. Mean FeNO levels was 29.81±28.40 in the smoking, and
14.52±5.38 in the nonsmoking asthmatics. In nonsmoking asthmatics,
mean FeNO levels was 44.06±33.91 and in healthy nonsmokers it was
15,32±6,63. No relationship of FeNO was observed with years of smoking,
while a negative correlation was noted to occur with the daily number
of smoked cigarettes.
Conclusions. Measurement of FeNO in the exhaled air is a useful diagnostic
test in both non-smoking and smoking asthmatics.

keywords: tlenek azotu w wydychanym powietrzu, palenie, astma , tlenek węgla w wydychanym powietrzu exhaled nitric oxide, smoking, asthma, carbon monoxide in exhaled air

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