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vol 19. no 3. September 2014  

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Oral cavity complaints reported by asthmatic children
Aneta Bax-Adamowicz, Anna Bręborowicz, Maria Borysewicz-Lewicka

Introduction. Clinical and epidemiological reports indicate the occurrence
of symptoms in the oral cavity in children with asthma.
Aim. To estimate the prevalence of oral cavity symptoms in children with
asthma and to determine the causal relationship between their occurrence
and duration of illness, use of drugs and the age of the child in
whom the disease was diagnosed and treatment started.
Material and Methods. The study included 64 asthmatics aged from
8 to 16. The control group consisted of 64 healthy children. The subjects
were asked about the presence of: xerostoma, tooth sensitivity, spontaneous
and/or provoked bleeding from the gums, halitosis and inflammation
or injury of oral mucosa. An assessment of significance of the
relationship between the prevalence of symptoms in the oral cavity and:
duration of illness and treatment, the age of the child at which the disease
was diagnosed and treatment started.
Results. Statistical analysis showed highly significant differences in the
prevalence of xerostoma and halitosis between the patients and the controls.
A statistically significant correlation has been found to occur between:
time of beginning and duration of treatment and the prevalence
of oral dryness and tooth hypersensitivity to thermal stimuli, the duration
of the disease and duration of use of asthma medications and the incidence
of gingival bleeding.
Conclusions. Asthmatics significantly more frequently than their healthy
peers report oral cavity symptoms, the occurrence of which may be
linked to duration of illness and the use of drugs and/or the age at which
the asthma or its treatment had started.

keywords: astma, leczenie astmy, jama ustna, kserostomia, nadwrażliwość, asthma, asthma treatment, oral cavity, xerostoma, tooth hypersensitivity

pages: from 174 to 180

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