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vol 19. no 3. September 2014  

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Asthma and allergy symptoms in competitive adolescent swimmers and wrestlers
Marcin Kurowski, Maria Hołdrowicz, Marek L. Kowalski

Introduction. Prevalence of asthma and allergy has been on the rise in
recent years, also in competitive athletes. Some sport disciplines are believed
to contribute to development of allergy and asthma symptoms.
Aim. Assessment of the prevalence of clinical and immunological characteristics
of asthma and allergy in adolescent athletes.
Material and methods. Forty-eight swimmers and 20 wrestlers aged
11 to 18 were assessed. Assessment procedures included: examination
by a physician, filling the Allergy Questionnaire for Athletes (AQUA), skin
prick tests with inhaled allergen panel and lung function tests with assessment
of reversibility after bronchodilator (400 μg salbutamol). Moreover,
in 14 randomly selected swimmers the metacholine challenge test
was performed.
Results. Positive skin prick tests with at least 1 allergen were seen in
31.25% swimmers and 55% wrestlers. In swimmers, nasal symptoms
were observed in 18.75%, eye symptoms in 10.4%, cough in 6.25% and
dyspnea in 4.2% subjects. Among wrestlers, nasal symptoms were observed
in 15%, cough in 5% and dyspnea in 20% subjects. Baseline FEV1
did not differ significantly between the groups. Reversibility test was
positive in 18.75% swimmers and 5% wrestlers. Frequency of positive
bronchial reversibility test did not differ significantly between the groups,
either. From among 9 swimmers with positive metacholine challenge
test, only 3 (i.e. 33.3%) had positive reversibility test.
Conclusions. Regularly performed intensive exercise may result in
non-specific airway hyperreactivity. Reversibility test as well as metacholine
challenge test are of limited diagnostic value in exercise-induced

keywords: stma indukowana wysiłkiem, alergia, nadreaktywność dróg oddechowych, sport wyczynowy, exercise-induced asthma, allergy, airway hyperreactivity,competitive sport performance

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