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  Authority of Polish Society of Allergology

vol 19. no 3. September 2014  

 Review articles
First reports on ear, nose and throat allergy in Poland
Krzysztof Buczyłko

The aim of the study was retrieving and analysis of early Polish reports
on nose allergy. Archival sources: original documents from author’s own
library and Medical University Library in Lodz were studied. Major points
of the historical Polish ideas have been compared with current European
ARIA guidelines. Reports found in those sources contained also remarks
on allergy in organs other than nose. Fist-in-Poland descriptions
of otolaryngologic allergy symptoms were found in the texts by: F.L. Lafontaine,
1802 (first description of rhinitis resembling allergic one, but
without proper etiology), K. Koehler, 1885 (two first described cases of
„hay fever” in Poland), J. Sędziak, 1897 (first Polish handbook of otolaryngology,
containing a description of the symptoms of allergy and asthma)
and J. Szmurło, 1926 (few chapters concerning ear and larynx allergy
and first remarks about immunotherapy in allergic rhinitis, asthma and
anaphylaxis). The citations and comments suggest that many of current
ARIA guidelines have had pioneer equivalents in Polish rhinology books
published in XIX and at the beginning of XX century.

keywords: prekursor alergologii, F.L. Lafontaine, K. Koehler, J. Sędziak, J. Szmurło, katar sienny,history of allergology predecessor, F.L. Lafontaine, K. Koehler, J. Sędziak, J. Szmurło, hay fever

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