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  Authority of Polish Society of Allergology

vol 19. no 1. March 2014  

 Review articles
Allergy to exotic fruits
Natalia Ukleja-Sokołowska, Ewa Gawrońska-Ukleja, Marta Tykwińska, Zbigniew Bartuzi

As a result of continuing changes in lifestyles of Polish citizens, exotic fruits have become an important part of our diet. Growing numbers of patients report symptoms of hypersensitivity after ingestion of exotic fruits.
This paper presents current opinions on allergy to kaki, mango, pineapple, fig and avocado, found in Polish and foreign publications.
The authors also raise the issue of exotic fruit cross-reactivity and the elevated frequency of allergy to exotic fruits in latex-sensitive patients, also known as latex-fruit syndrome. It is also indicated that not all symptoms that may appear after eating fruits are attributable to allergy, because some of those symptoms may be due to fructose intolerance.
Currently, the most popular methods of diagnosis of allergy to exotic fruits are: skin tests with allergen extracts and with fresh fruits, oral food challenge tests and determination of specific IgE antibodies. The future certainly belongs to the component resolved diagnosis (CRD), which will ultimately differentiate cross-reactivity with co-reactivity to fruit and latex. It is very important to remember that each subsequent reaction after ingestion of food may be stronger. Therefore, patients with suspected food allergy should be diagnosed and suitably trained.

keywords: zespół lateksowo-owocowy, owoce egzotyczne, alergia, anafilaksja, latex-fruit syndrome, exotic fruits, allergy, anaphylaxis

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