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vol 18. no 1. March 2013  

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Eruption-like dermal lesions in Grover’s disease – A case report
Barbara Olszewska, Alicja Malinowska, Aneta Szczerkowska-Dobosz, Wojciech Biernat, Elżbieta Grubska-Suchanek, Roman Nowicki, Dorota Kozicka

Introduction. Grover’s disease is a self-limited, non-immune skin disorder.
It is clinically characterized by a papular or papulovesicular eruption
and can often be very pruritic. The skin lesions are distributed mainly
on the trunk and proximal extremities. The disease typically affects men
aged 60 years or older. Diagnosis of Grover’s disease based on clinical
features may be difficult, because similar lesions are present in the course
of other skin conditions characterized histopatologically by acantholytic
dyskeratosis. Etiopathogenesis of the disease is unknown.
Case report. A 43-year-old woman presented at the Dermal Allergology
Out-patient Clinic with disseminated, moderately pruritic papular eruption
on her trunk and extremities. Patch tests were negative. The patient
was treated with topical glucocorticoids with no effect. After administration
of systemic steroidotherapy the pruritus abated but lesions on skin
did not disappear. Because the patient was not responding well to above
mentioned treatment, the skin biopsy was made which showed changes
typical for Grover disease. The patient was then treated with oral acitretin
at a dose of 50mg daily. Complete remission was observed after 10 days
of therapy.
Conclusions. We reported a rare case of Grover’s disease in a female,
with symptoms resembling those of the disseminated eczema. Histopathological
examination of skin lesions was essential for making a correct
diagnosis and implementation of effective treatment.

keywords: choroba Grovera, acytretyna, glikokortykosteroidy, leczenie, Grover’s disease, acitretin, glucocorticoid, treatment

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