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vol 18. no 1. March 2013  

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Comparison of the degree of asthma control in the ACT™, CACT™ and GINA criteria among children
Monika Kaczmarek, Anna Bręborowicz

Introduction. Chronic, long and unpredictable course of asthma that in
most patients begins during childhood, requires systematic monitoring
of severity of the symptoms. Clinical monitoring of bronchial asthma in
recent years has been complemented by rapid asthma control tests, but
their use in pediatrics has been verified in few studies so far.
Aim. To compare the results of the rapid tests in asthma control: ACT™
(Asthma Control Test) and CACT™ (Childhood Asthma Control Test) and
to determine their correlation with the assessment of asthma control
according to GINA criteria.
Materials and methods. The study involved a group of 48 asthmatic
children aged 6 to 18. Children were evaluated during four visits in
subsequent quarters of the year using asthma control tests ACT ™ and
Results. In total, during the annual observations, 145 tests ACT ™ and
96 tests CACT ™ were obtained. In the ACT ™, 25 score was obtained in
45%, the result of 20-24 score in 41%, and a score equal to or below 19
was obtained in 14% of the tests. In the test CACT ™, ≥ 19 score was noted
in 78% and <19 score was recorded in 22% of the cases. There was a
correlation between asthma control assessed with ACT™ or CACT™ and
asthma control according to the GINA guideline.
Conclusions. The conformity of the results of both asthma control tests
with the medical tests based on GINA guidelines proves their reliability
and usefulness in everyday medical practice. A correlation has been
shown to occur between the assessment of asthma control degree in
children who underwent both tests during one single visit.

keywords: kluczowe: astma, stopień kontroli astmy, ACT™, CACT™GINA, asthma, asthma control degree, ACT™, CACT™, GINA

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