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vol 17. no 4. December 2012  

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Increased apoptosis of mononuclear cells in allergic patients – the effect of pollen season and stimulation with specific antigen
Anna Piłat, Janina Grzegorczyk, Marek L. Kowalski

Introduction. Elevated proliferative activity of mononuclear cells (MNCs)
in peripheral blood of atopic patients may be associated with shorter cell
Aim. Assessment of the apoptosis of peripheral blood mononuclear cells
(MNCs) from atopic patients before and during symptomatic pollen season
as compared to non-atopic controls.
Materials and methods. MNCs were obtained from 15 pollen-sensitive
patients with seasonal rhinitis/asthma (SR/A) before and during the pollen
season, and from 16 non-atopic controls. Apoptosis was assessed by
fluorescent microscopy after staining with acridine orange and ethidium
bromide, and confirmed by DNA fragmentation analysis. Both adherent
and non-adherent MNCs were analysed.
Results. Both before and during the pollen season, MNCs from pollensensitive
patients, as compared to controls, demonstrated significantly
enhanced spontaneous apoptosis at 24h, 48h and 72h of culture. MNCs
isolated from atopic patients demonstrated also significantly enhanced
ConA induced apoptosis as compared to non-atopic patients. During the
pollen season in allergic patients, spontaneous apoptosis of MNCs and
lymphocytes was significantly higher as compared with preseasonal values
(p<0.05). Incubation of non-adherent MNCs with timothy allergen
increased the cell apoptosis before the grass pollen season (on average
by 33% at 48h), but significantly inhibited apoptosis of lymphocytes studied
during the pollen season (on average by 27% at 48 h).
Conclusion. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells from asymptomatic
pollen-sensitive patients exhibit increased apoptosis, and this process is
modulated by in vitro stimulation with specific allergen and by the exposure
during natural pollen season.

keywords: apoptoza, alergia na pyłki, astma oskrzelowa, nienieżyt nosa, komórki mononuklearne, zapalenie alergiczne

pages: from 209 to 216

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