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vol 17. no 3. September 2012  

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Utility of Asthma Control Test in children in opinion of physicians and patients
Marta Krawiec, Grażyna Kraj, Mikołaj Achremczyk, Agnieszka Majos, Agnieszka Krauze

Introduction. Since 2008, GINA recommends the assessment of the degree
of asthma control in the follow-up of bronchial asthma patients by
means, among other tools, of Asthma Control Test (ACT).
Aim. The aim of the study was to investigate the usage of ACT among
asthmatic children treated in Warsaw outpatient clinics and to assess the
opinion of physicians and patients about the usefulness of the ACT in
achieving satisfactory asthma control.
Materials and methods. A questionnaire survey was performed among
the patients of the outpatient clinic at the University Hospital and allergists
from Warsaw.
Results. The survey was conducted in a group of 48 patients with
bronchial asthma at the age of 5-17, and in a group of 22 allergists.
Seventy per cent of the patients have been surveyed using ACT for the
first time during our study. In a 100-point scale, the usefulness of the test
was rated at 59.9 points by patients and 54.3 points by physicians. The
educational aspect of the study was appreciated by patients as the most
valuable. Allergists appreciated most the fact that ACT improved cooperation
with the patient. Although 90% of the patients assessed the test as
understandable, physicians pointed out to the difficulty in understanding
the questionnaire as the major obstacle in ACT usage. There was no correlation
between the frequency of ACT usage and the assessment of its
usefulness by the patients.
Conclusions. Results of the study show that ACT is not commonly used
in Warsaw outpatient clinics for asthmatic children. However, it seems
that due to its valuable educational aspect and a role in improving
cooperation between patients and physicians, the usage of ACT in the
asthmatic children should be encouraged.

keywords: astma, kontrola astmy, test kontroli astmy u dzieci

pages: from 142 to 146

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