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  Authority of Polish Society of Allergology

vol 17. no 3. September 2012  

 Review articles
The mechanisms of innate immunity
Marta Gruchała Niedoszytko, Marek Niedoszytko

The immune system can be divided into two parts depending on the
mechanisms used in recognition and defense: (1) innate and (2) adaptive
immune systems. The function of adaptive, specific immunity in the development
of allergic hypersensitivity has been widely studied and it has
been included in the definition of allergy. The recent studies, including
GWAS (genome wide association studies) have indicated the importance
of innate immune system in the pathophysiology of allergic diseases.
Rapid, nonspecific defense in response to an infection is the crucial function
of the innate immunity. The innate immunity is a complex mechanism
involving epithelial cells, macrophages, dendritic cells, neutrophils,
PPR and TLR receptors, complement system proteins, cytokines, filaggrin,
cadherins and other similar adhesion molecules. The disorders of innate
immunity may lead to the colonization of pathogens, infections, development
of allergic diseases.
Particular attention has been paid in recent years to filaggrin gene mutations
and the resultant dysfunction of epithelium, atopic dermatitis,
infections and penetration of allergens. They may also lead to the development
of allergic rhinitis and asthma. The polymorphism of e-cadherin,
a protein involved in structural and functional regulation of respiratory
epithelium, may result in damage to the respiratory epithelium, inflammation
and remodeling of the airways. The expression of claudin was
increased in both epithelium and smooth muscles of the asthmatic
patients. Topical EGF administration was studied in asthma and Crohn disease.
Further studies on the innate immunity in asthma may contribute
to the development of novel anti-asthmatic drugs.

keywords: odporność nieswoista, polimorfizm genów, filagryna,kadheryna, klaudyna

pages: from 123 to 126

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