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vol 17. no 2. June 2012  

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Usefulness of bronchial reversibility test in asthma diagnosis in children
Agata Ożarek-Hanc, Sylwia Olczak, Paweł Majak, Joanna Jerzyńska, Katarzyna Smejda, Iwona Stelmach

Introduction. Lung function tests and bronchial reversibility test (BRT)
play an important role in the diagnosis of asthma in children and they
should be considered together with clinical symptoms.
Aim of the study. To determine the percentage of asthmatic children
showing a significant increase in FEV1 or FVC value during BRT. To assess
the relationship between BRT results and the demographic characteristics
of the patients, asthma severity, atopy, and the results of additional tests,
such as starting FEV1 value, NO concentration in exhaled air (FeNO), and
Materials and methods. Retrospective, cross-sectional study analyzing
medical history of patients, taking into account the results of spirometric
tests performed in random-selected 250 asthmatic patients in whom BRT
was performed as part of the diagnostic procedure.
Results. A significant increase in FEV1 or FVC in the BRT test was noted
in (132-53%) of the patients; 120 patients (90.1%) had airway obstruction
and 12 patients (9.9%) were without airway obstruction. BRT was
positive in 25.5% of the children without airway obstruction. Children
with positive BRT are characterized by lower FEV1 output value, higher
fractional exhaled nitric oxide and higher total IgE serum concentration
and require more intensive treatment for asthma.
Conclusion. The bronchial reversibility test should be performed in all
children with asthmatic symptoms, independent of baseline spirometry,
to better characterize asthma phenotype and facilitate decision to start
corticosteroid treatment.

keywords: próba rozkurczowa, astma, dzieci, diagnostyka, bronchial reversibility test, asthma, children, diagnosis

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