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  Authority of Polish Society of Allergology

vol 17. no 2. June 2012  

 Review articles
The role of dendritic cells in viral respiratory infections
Mariusz Gronkowski, Aleksandra Szczepankiewicz, Anna Bręborowicz

Dendritic cells, the integral element of immune system, are responsible
for immunological response. The aim of the paper is to describe the function
and biology of different subpopulations of dendritic cells in fighting
viral infections. In the paper we have analyzed the role of pathogens in
the activation of various subpopulations of dendritic cells, with focus on
the influence of dendritic cells on other elements of the immune system
(e.g. macrophages). We have analyzed the relationship between the
development and functions of dendritic cells with regard to their maturation
stage. We characterized the role of dendritic cells in identification
and presenting antigens, including their migration process, to the lymphoid
tissues. The factors determining the initiation of the synthesis of
interferon (MyD88 adaptor-protein pathway, RIG-I helicase pathway, TRIF
adaptor-protein pathway) and its role in combating viral infections have
been described. Numerous studies on the dendritic cells biology offer
an opportunity to understand the pathogenesis of viral infections in the
airways and develop novel methods to fight them.

keywords: komórki dendrytyczne, interferon, patogeny, odpowiedź immunologiczna,dendritic cells, interferon, pathogens, immune response

pages: from 77 to 82

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