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vol 17. no 1. March 2012  

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The evaluation of knowledge level in non-medical college students in some aspects of nutrition in allergy
Agnieszka Filipiak-Florkiewicz, Kinga Topolska, Ewa Cieślik

Introduction. Appropriate level of knowledge about proper nutrition, with special regard to food products permitted or prohibited in the diet, is a very important issue in the aspect of allergic diseases.
Aim of the study. The evaluation of knowledge of non-medical college students focused on selected aspects of nutrition in allergic diseases, depending on gender, BMI, place of residence, as well as the financial situation.
Material and methods. The study was conducted among 382 students from non-medical college, University of Agriculture in Krakow, at the age of 19-26 (286 women and 96 men). The respondents completed a questionnaire with questions on demographic information, as well as selected aspects of nutrition in allergic diseases.
Results. The studies have shown that for 35% of the students the most allergenic food product was cow’s milk. According to more than 40% of the respondents, a person who is allergic to cow’s milk can drink goat’s milk. Simultaneously, 33% of the respondents had no opinion (did not know) whether a person allergic to egg white could consume egg yolk. The level of knowledge in this area was significantly different, depending on sex and place of residence. Most respondents (65%) were confident that “allergy” and “intolerance” are not synonyms. According to the respondents, allergy sufferers are not allowed to consume (among others) cookies with peanuts (32%). From desserts/snacks they must avoid pudding (28%), ice cream (25%) and crisps (18%), as well as apples and pears (8%).
Conclusions. Non-medical university students demonstrated good knowledge of major food allergens. The respondents had problems with the answers to questions related to cross-reactions, especially for milk and eggs. For effective prevention of allergic diseases, it is necessary to promote knowledge in this field.

keywords: wiedza, studenci, uczelnia niemedyczna, żywienie, alergia, knowledge, students, non-medical college, nutrition, allergy

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