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vol 17. no 1. March 2012  

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Early effectiveness of allergen immunotherapy in children with asthma, allergic to house dust mite
Agnieszka Sobocińska, Paweł Majak, Joanna Jerzyńska, Agata Ożarek-Hanc, Iwona Stelmach

Introduction. The early effects of allergen-specific immunotherapy (SIT)
in asthmatic children are still discussed. Currently the best available approach
in the study of effectiveness of SIT is the clinical evaluation based
on asthma symptoms scale and medication use.
Aim of the study. The purpose of this study was to assess the early effectiveness
of allergen immunotherapy in children with asthma allergic
to house dust mite based on asthma symptoms, asthma medication use
and lung function.
Materials and methods. Sixty children with asthma recruited from our
outpatient allergy clinic participated in the trial. All patients were allocated
into the two study groups: receiving immunotherapy with dust
allergens – the SIT group (n= 30), and not receiving immunotherapy
because of the lack of consent – control group (n=30). We analyzed the
effect of SIT on asthma symptoms, the use of ICS (inhaled corticosteroids)
and lung function.
Results. Fifty eight patients completed the study (30 from SIT group
and 28 from control group). After 12 months of immunotherapy we
observed differences in changes in asthma symptom score between two
groups; in the control group there was an increase in asthma symptom
score and no changes in SIT group. There were no changes in asthma
symptom score within groups. There were no changes in lung function
between and within groups. After 12 months of SIT, a reduction in ICS
dose, necessary to control asthma symptoms, was 50% and no changes
were observed in control group.
Conclusion. After 12 months of subcutaneous immunotherapy in asthmatic
children allergic to house dust mite there was a 50% reduction in
daily ICS dose necessary to control asthma symptoms in SIT group. The
results confirm high efficacy of SIT and its effect on natural history of
asthma in children.

keywords: immunoterapia, astma, dzieci, immunotherapy, asthma, children

pages: from 27 to 31

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