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vol 16. no 4. December 2011  

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Influence of IL15 gene polymorphism on the course of bronchial asthma in children
Magdalena Jachnik, Aleksandra Szczepankiewicz, Anna Bręborowicz

Introduction. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory
system. It is a polygenic disease, which significantly impedes the genetic
research. The analysis of polymorphisms in candidate genes enables
the identification of variants predisposing to asthma. The method most
commonly used is the association analysis of candidate genes, one of
which is the interleukin 15 gene.It plays an important role in the development
of NK cells and inflammatory response.
Aim of the study. To investigate if the selected polymorphisms of IL15
gene are associated with susceptibility to bronchial asthma in children,
and whether these polymorphisms may affect only the specific subgroups
of patients.
Material and methods. In the study three polymorphisms of IL15 gene
were analyzed with the use of PCR-RFLP method in a population of
192 children from Wielkopolska region (aged 6 to 18 years). The statistical
analysis was performed using Statistica v.9.0.
Results. None of the analyzed polymorphisms of IL15 gene showed an
association with susceptibility to bronchial asthma in children. Neither
were any differences observed between the analyzed polymorphisms
and asthma severity, atopic phenotype, IgE level or gender. However,
a significant relationship between rs10519613 polymorphism and exhaled
NO level was found.
Conclusions. The results confirmed previous observations from association
studies that IL15 gene variants do not play an important role in the
development of asthma. However, due to the limited size of the analyzed
population and control group, the results obtained in this study are preliminary
and require verification in a larger group.

keywords: astma, asocjacja, gen, interleukina 15, association, asthma, gene, interleukin 15

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