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vol 16. no 3. September 2011  

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Sublingual immunotherapy is effective and safe in children
Izabela Kałuzińska-Parzyszek, Paweł Majak, Joanna Jerzyńska, Katarzyna Smejda, Iwona Stelmach

Introduction. The results of recent metaanalyses showed the effectiveness
of SLIT (sublingual immunotherapy) in allergic rhinitis and asthma
in children allergic to grass pollen. However, in some metaanalyses
high variability of the results of these trials weaken the power of conclusion.
In the present study we used the highest dose of extract (of the
ones registered in Poland).
Aim of the study. To study the efficacy and safety of sublingual immunotherapy
given pre-coseasonally (starting before the pollen season
and continuing until the end of it) and its effect on inflammatory parameters
in children with rhinitis allergic to grass pollen.
Materials and methods. Thirty children, recruited from our outpatient
allergy clinic, with rhinitis, sensitive to grass pollen, participated in the
2-year prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
All patients were randomized according to a computer-generated allocation
schedule into the two treatment arms: the pre-coseasonal SLIT
group (n= 15) (Staloral 300 IR, Stallergenes), and the placebo group
(n=15). We analyzed the effect of SLIT on allergic rhinitis and ocular
symptoms, the use of rescue medication, lung function, FENO and
bronchial hyperreactivity.
Results. In the second year of immunotherapy we observed the reduction
of nasal and ocular symptoms, significant decrease in the use of
rescue medication and FeNO level as compared to the placebo group
and to the first year of immunotherapy. We did not observe any significant
changes in the lung function and bronchial hyperreactivity after
Conclusions. The applied regimen of SLIT was effective and safe in
children with rhinitis allergic to grass pollen. The results suggest that
the measurement of FENO level is clinically useful in monitoring SLIT
in children.

keywords: alergiczny nieżyt nosa, dzieci, immunoterapia podjęzykowa, allergic rhinitis, children, sublingual immunotherapy

pages: from 139 to 144

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