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  Authority of Polish Society of Allergology

vol 16. no 3. September 2011  

 Review articles
The effectiveness of immunotherapy in Hymenoptera venom allergy
Karol Kempiński, Marek Niedoszytko

The effectiveness of immunotherapy is well documented. There is no
doubt that the tolerance of an insect sting may be achieved in the
majority of patients by insect venom immunotherapy (VIT). However,
there are still patients treated with VIT, who will not get protection
against life threatening anaphylaxis.
The aim of this review was to summarize the information about factors
influencing the final result of VIT.
The data concerning (1) the severity of anaphylaxis, (2) side effects
of VIT, (3) concomitant diseases (i.e. mastocytosis, cardiovascular
diseases) and other specific predicting factors, such as (4) basal serum
tryptase level, are used to modify the dose and duration of VIT and
predict the outcome of treatment.
So far a limited number of studies examining the risk factors of
recurrent anaphylaxis has been conducted. There is a lack of in vitro
methods assessing the need of venom doses and duration of VIT in
particular patients. The recently done studies on molecular methods to
predict the efficacy of VIT promise well.

keywords: alergia na jad owadów błonkoskrzydłych, immunoterapia z jadem owadów, skuteczność immunoterapii, czynniki predykcyjne, Hymenoptera venom allergy, venom immunotherapy, efficacy of immunotherapy, predicting factors

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