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vol 16. no 2. June 2011  

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Comparison of IgE concentration in serum of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) patients and healthy individuals
Mirosław Jarosz, Iwona Traczyk, Ryszard Tomasiuk , Wioleta Respondek

Introduction. Many people declare abnormal symptoms after food
intake. Up to 35% of general population and up to 67% of IBS patients
claim that they suffer from food allergies.
Aim of the study. Comparison of the incidence of specific IgE antibodies
against selected food allergens in serum of the IBS patients and
control group.
Material and methods. The study was conducted among 150 IBS
patients and 50 healthy subjects. At the first phase the concentration
of sIgE against allergens contained in mixes was tested. Then sIgE concentration
was analyzed against 8 allergens selected on the basis of
the results of phase I and interviews with patients about products suspected
as the cause of health problems. The antibody concentration
was determined by enzyme immunoassay method.
Results. Increased levels of sIgE occurred more frequently in the sera
of healthy individuals than in IBS patients (93,5% vs. 70,1%). The most
frequently elevated sIgE concentrations were found against allergens
of egg, lemon (97%) and strawberries (93%) in IBS patients. In all patients
in the control group elevated levels of IgE against allergens: egg
white, rye, and lemons were found.
Conclusions. The results did not confirm the hypothesis that higher levels
of IgE against food allergens occur more frequently in the serum of
IBS patients than in healthy subjects. Slightly increased concentrations of
sIgE (below 3.5 IU/ml) in healthy individuals have no clinical significance.

keywords: zespół jelita nadwrażliwego, osoby zdrowe, stężenie IgE w surowicy, irritable bowel syndrome, healthy individuals, serum IgE concentration

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