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  Authority of Polish Society of Allergology

vol 16. no 2. June 2011  

 Review articles
Insect venom immunotherapy – whom to target and when to apply?
Marita Nittner-Marszalska

The article presents the most recent outlook on the subject of qualification
and disqualification for hymenoptera venom specific immunotherapy
(VIT). In comparison with the guidelines authorised by EAACI
and AAAAI in previous years, recommending VIT in patients with large
anaphylactic reactions (SYS III SYS IV), the AAAAI of 2007 and 2011
are marked by a further extension of clinical recommendation for venom
immunotherapy to include two groups of patients: persons with
SYS I and SYS II reactions over 16 years of age, and patients who have
frequent disabling LLRs, particulary those with occupational exposure.
At the same time strict contraindications for venom immunotherapy
are retained in the small group of patients who do not present clinical
or laboratory evidence of IgE-dependent venom hypersensitivity.
In the article, up-to-date guidelines are presented in the following
order: from absolute contraindications for immunotherapy, through
situations that allow VIT, to absolute indications for VIT.

keywords: alergia, anafilaksja na jad owadów, specyficzna immunoterapia jadem owadów, owady błonkoskrzydłe, insect allergy, insect venom anaphylaxis, Hymenoptera venom specific immunotherapy, Hymenoptera

pages: from 71 to 74

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