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vol 16. no 1. March 2011  

 Review articles
Airway remodeling – experimental studies on effects of corticosteroids, β2-agonists and antileukotrienes
Dominika Oleś, Aleksandra Szczepankiewicz, Anna Bręborowicz

Airway remodeling observed in asthmatic patients is a process involving
the number of negative changes within the following structures:
bronchial epithelium, bronchial miocytes, blood vessels and goblet
cells. Remodeling contributes to adverse changes in the airways due
to increased airflow resistance in the bronchi. Further effects depend
on functional deterioration of lung function. Bronchial epithelial cells
play an essential role in this process, because of their protective and
secretory functions. Remodeling leads to the damage of epithelial cells
by activating numerous factors (proteases, metaloproteinases, elastases),
which in turn impairs the protective function of the epithelium.
The use of inhaled drugs provides the direct action in the airways and
increases the speed of action of these drugs. However, as treatment
with inhaled drugs is related to their direct effect on bronchial epithelial
cells, it is important to determine the influence of particular
groups of drugs on the morphology and function of epithelial cells.
The following paper describes changes in the airways observed during
remodeling, and current knowledge on the influence of drugs on the
airways’ structure and function.

keywords: astma, remodeling, leki, asthma, airway remodeling, drugs

pages: from 12 to 16

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