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  Authority of Polish Society of Allergology

vol 15. no 4. December 2010  

 Review articles
Regulatory T cells and their role in food allergy in children
Aneta Krogulska

Regulatory T (Treg) cells play a key role in controlling adaptive immune
response and maintaining tolerance to innocuous self- and environmental
proteins. There is a growing speculation that impairment in
these pathways could be central in pathogenesis of many immune
diseases, including allergic diseases. Although several studies suggest
deficiencies in allergen-specific Treg cell numbers or function in allergic
diseases, others have shown the opposite. Based on a review of recent
literature, this article presents current views on naming, distribution,
molecular characterization, mechanism of the action of regulatory T
lymphocytes, and shows their importance in allergic diseases in both
adults and children, with particular reference to food allergy. Understanding
the mechanisms of immune system disorders that underly
allergic diseases may help improve the treatment, prevention, and thus
long-term prognosis. It seems that the development of knowledge on
Treg CD4+CD25+ cells will enable the development of new therapeutic
strategies, so important especially in relation to food allergy, as the
first manifestation of atopy in children.

keywords: limfocyty Treg, alergia na pokarmy, Treg lymphocytes, food allergy

pages: from 180 to 188

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