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vol 15. no 4. December 2010  

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Fractional exhaled nitric oxide correlates with FEV1 in bronchial reversibility test in children with asthma
Daniela Gjurow-Podlecka, Paweł Majak, Izabela Kałuzińska-Parzyszek, Joanna Jerzyńska, Iwona Stelmach

Introduction. There are many studies about FeNO measurement as
the marker of inflammation in airways, however clinical significance
of this parameter is still not proven.
Aim. The objective of this study was to determine correlation between
FeNO and changes in FEV1 in bronchial reversibility test and
clinical symptoms/quality of life recorded in questionnaire (PAQLQ
according to Juniper) in children.
Material and methods. 101 children, aged 7-18 yrs, with asthma,
treated at least 6 months prior to first visit, participated in the study.
The children underwent spirometry with bronchial reversibility test,
FeNO measurement and recorded symptoms in PAQLQ questionnaire.
Results. The results showed significant correlation between ΔFEV1%
in bronchial reversibility test and FeNO. This correlation was stronger
in patients with AR. ROC curves revealed correlation between FeNO
and the significant increase of FEV1 (>12%). The significant increase
of FEV1 determined higher measurements of FeNO, especially in children
with AR. There was no significant correlation stated between
PAQLQ(S) and ΔFEV1% and FeNO. There was negative correlation
between ΔFEV1% and activity domain in questionnaire (R=-0,271;
P=0,006) – higher changes in FEV1% correlated with lower physical
Conclusion. FeNO measurement can be very helpful in monitoring
asthma in children, however it should be considered always with
clinical symptoms, asthma phenotype and concomitant disorders,
e.g. allergic rhinitis.

keywords: astma, dzieci, odwracalność obturacji, FeNO, asthma, children, bronchial reversibility test

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