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Allergology Review

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  Authority of Polish Society of Allergology

vol 15. no 4. December 2010  

 Review articles
Allergy prevention – between allergen avoidance and tolerance
Rafał Dobek, Andrzej M. Fal

The paradigm of management in chronic diseases is in many cases
focused on prophylactic programs. In allergic conditions most of
the attention has been devoted to primary, less to secondary and
tertiary prevention. The traditional attitude was to minimize allergen
exposure. Currently we rather focus on inducing immunotolerance.
Clinical phenotype, including disease severity, is a result of genotype
and environmental factors interaction. This phenomenon is called
‘phenotypic plasticity’ and results in the development of different
phenotypes for the same genotype in other environmental conditions.
In consequence, the preparation of universal prophylactic guidelines
is almost impossible, since the same intervention may protect some,
but harm other populations. The authors present a review of current
knowledge on primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, including
allergen elimination, tobacco smoke exposure, dietary interventions
and tolerance induction.

keywords: alergia, prewencja pierwotna, prewencja wtórna, tolerancja alergenu, allergy, primary prevention, secondary prevention, allergen tolerance

pages: from 175 to 179

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