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vol 15. no 3. September 2010  

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Significance of laser doppler flowmetry in evaluation of bronchial inflammatory process in COPD patients
Cezary Rybacki, Andrzej Chciałowski

Introduction. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is one
of the most often occurring diseases of respiratory tract in the population
of people over 40 years old. The inflammation comprises
both central and small airways, lung tissue and vessels thus causing
remodelling of the bronchial wall and lung parenchymal destruction.
Macroscopic inflammatory features can be observed in bronchi, in
form of mucosal edema, its erytema, vascular friability and redundant
mucosal secretion. The minimization of the endoscopic equipment
enabled the application of laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) for
the measurement of blood flow in bronchial mucosal vessels.
Aim. The estimation of blood flow in different bronchial mucosal
vessels in various localizations of bronchial tree and the evaluation
of the influence of the blood flow on macroscopic bronchitis index,
the relationship between morphological blood components and
morphologic features of bronchial inflammation (material of broncho-
alveolar lavage – BAL), as well as the usefulness of laser Doppler
flowmetry in monitoring the severity of bronchial inflammation in
patients with COPD.
Material and methods. The examination was performed in 57 patients
with COPD and a control group of 12 persons, using Periflux PF
device (Perimed, Stockholm – Sweden) and 2 mW helium-neon laser
light, wavelength 632,8 nm.
Results and conclusions. The examinations performed showed
a) there is an influence of the blood flow in bronchial mucosal capillary
vessels on the macroscopic features of bronchial inflammation,
b) there is no relationship between morphological components of the
blood and morphologic features of bronchial inflammation,
c) introductory usability of laser Doppler flowmetry is little invasive, and
is a reproducible method of estimating the severity of inflammation
of the bronchi.

keywords: POChP, wskaźnik zapalenia oskrzeli, włośniczkowa przepływometria laserowa, COPD, bronchitis index, laser Doppler flowmetry

pages: from 154 to 161

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