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  Authority of Polish Society of Allergology

vol 15. no 3. September 2010  

 Review articles
Less known receptors of immunity cells – selected data
Joanna Śliwa-Dominiak, Wiesław Deptuła

The paper presents the characteristics of the immune system cells
receptors TIM, TAM and CLR. These receptors are involved in the
regulation of immunological response on different levels. The article
describes groups of TIM, TAM and CLR receptors that occur on immune
system cells, as well as on nervous, reproductive and circulatory
system cells. There are 4 TIM receptors characterized. Among them,
TIM1 and TIM2 are involved in the regulation of Th2 cells immunological
response. TIM3 regulates immunological response of Th1,
and takes part in the recognition and phagocytosis of apoptic cells,
whereas TIM4 participates in the activation of T cells, and induces
the synthesis of many cytokines in Th2 cells. In the article there are
3 TAM receptors described: TYRO2, AXL and MER that perform a fundamental
role in the innate immunity by phagocytosis and regulatory
activity of DC cells and macrophages. Furthermore, 2 groups of CLR
are characterised type I and type II which are the important elements
of PRR, and are involved in phagocytosis, endocytosis, antigen
presentation and T cells differentiation.

keywords: układ odpornościowy, odporność, receptory komórek układu odpornościowego, immune system, immunity, receptors of immune system cells

pages: from 125 to 131

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