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  Authority of Polish Society of Allergology

vol 15. no 1. March 2010  

 Review articles
Asthma and obesity
Beata Kubsik, Marek L. Kowalski

Obesity and asthma prevalence have been increasing in parallel over
the last decades. This has led to a hypothesis that these two disorders
might be related. Although the exact mechanisms responsible for this
relationship remain unknown, numerous published studies suggest
that obesity increases the risk of the incident of asthma. Obese asthmatics
may represent a distinct phenotype of asthma, characterized
by: the increased asthma severity, glucocorticoid resistance and poor
asthma control with the reduction in lung volumes. Systemic inflammation
with the elevated levels of adipokines and cytokines and the
lack of eosinophilic inflammation in airways are also typical for this
phenotype. Studies have suggested that weight loss reduces symptoms,
thus the treatment of obese asthmatics should include a weight
control program.

keywords: astma, otyłość, IMC, asthma, obesity, BMI

pages: from 19 to 25

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