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vol 14. no 4. December 2009  

 Review articles
The new insight into the pathogenesis of common variable immunodeficiency
Aleksandra Szczawińska-Popłonyk

Common variable immunodeficiency comprises a group of immune
disorders with predominating antibody production defect. Phenotypic
diversity suggests a heterogeneous genetic background and
polygenic pattern of inheritance, as well as an influence of immunoregulatory
genes. In some patients pathogenesis of the disease may
be associated with defects of the system of molecules and receptors
active in intercellular interactions leading to B cell differentiation. An
impairment of the innate immunity, particularly of the dendritic cells
function, may also be important, influencing T cells activity and humoral
response. In view of B lymph cells differentiation leading to the
development of plasma cells and memory B cells, a new immunological
and clinical classification of common variable immunodeficiency
has been elaborated.

keywords: pospolity zmienny niedobór odporności, komórki dendrytyczne, limfocyty B, common variable immunodeficiency, dendritic cells, B lymphocytes

pages: from 230 to 238

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