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vol 14. no 1. March 2009  

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Food Hypersensitivity among school children in £ód¼ – Europrevall questionnaire based study
Barbara Majkowska-Wojciechowska, Aleksandra Wardzyńska, Marta Wysocka i wsp.

Introduction. The prevalence of food allergy among children is constantly
increasing, especially in an urban environment.
Aim of the study. The aim of the study was to assess the prevalence
of food hypersensitivity among children living in urban regions of
central Poland. The studies were conducted within the Sixth Framework
Programme of the European Union: Epidemiology of food allergy
in children and adults - Euro Prevall, WP 1.2, Child Screening.
Material and methods. The studies included 3260 children aged
7-10 from 12 randomly selected schools of 95 elementary schools in
£ód¼. 39 special, hospital, denominational and private schools were
excluded from the studies. A questionnaire survey was conducted on
the basis of the Europrevall international programme questionnaire.
Results. The screening questionnaire was completed by parents of
2148 (64.7%) children, including 1049 girls and 1058 boys. 71%
(1474) of the parents agreed to being contacted again. Adverse
reactions following food consumption were reported in 827 children
(41.6%), including 517 children (26%) with reactions occurring more
than four times. The most common symptoms were as follows: rash
(35.1%), diarrhoea or vomiting (14.2%) and rhinitis (13.5%). The
symptoms occurred after the consumption of cow’s milk (5.19%),
chocolate (2.07%), dairy products (1.96%), strawberries (1.32%), hen
eggs (1.01), tomatoes (0.75%), cocoa (0.69%) and nuts (0.56%).
Conclusion. The study reveals a high prevalence of food hypersensitivity
among children of the £ód¼ conurbation.

keywords: nietolerancja pokarmowa, dzieci, ¶rodowisko miejskie, EuroPrevall, food intolerance, children, urban enviroment, EuroPrevall

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