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  Authority of Polish Society of Allergology

vol 14. no 1. March 2009  

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Prevalence of asthma in children, adolescents and young adults in Poland – results of the ECAP Study
Bolesław Samoliński, Adam J. Sybilski, Filip Raciborski i wsp.

Introduction. Over the last few decades the prevalence of allergic
diseases has dramatically increased. This situation makes it necessary
to conduct international, standardized, randomized epidemiological
Aim of the study. The aim of the study was to assess the prevalence
of bronchial asthma in Poland.
Material and methods. The study was conducted with the use of
a translated and validated questionnaire survey developed for international
ECRHS II and ISAAC studies. The study was performed in
9 selected regions in Poland (8 urban regions and 1 rural region).
The respondents were obtained from a random multistage selection
and they were proportionally stratified on the basis of their PESEL
(Identification Number) operator. The completed questionnaires were
collected from 18,617 respondents and nearly 25% of them subsequently
underwent a medical examination.
Results. Asthma was self-reported in 4.72% of the subjects and was
diagnosed in 11% of subjects after the ECAP medical examination.
Wheezing and whistling during the past 12 months was reported by
12.4% of adults and in the whole life by 18.8% of children, 16.1%
of adolescents. The association between asthma and allergic rhinitis
was declared by 73.6% of patients.
Conclusions. Asthma is a prevalent disease in the Polish population
and should be considered a significant social problem. Measures for
early detection and prevention of asthma should be introduced.

keywords: epidemiologia, astma, ECAP, ECRHS II, ISAAC, epidemiology, asthma, ECAP, ECRHS II, ISAAC

pages: from 27 to 34

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