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vol 13. no 4. December 2008  

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Apple allergic cross-reactivity among children with a birch pollen allergy
Krzysztof Buczyłko, Halina Budkowska

Introduction. Common allergenic determinants are currently considered to be the underlying mechanism of cross-reactions.
Aim of the study. The aim of the study was to evaluate the allergic cross-reactivity between birch pollen and apple in children with allergic rhinitis and/or asthma.
Material and methods. The research group included 53 children (25 girls and 28 boys) aged from 4 to 17 years. The mean age of the children was 10.1 years (the girls - 10.57 and the boys - 9.68). The methodology was based on skin prick tests (SPT) and on the determination of specific IgE to birch pollen (t3), apple (f49) and the epitopes of the birch pollen allergen: rBet v1, rBet v2 and rBet v4.
Results. All the patients from the group had a positive SPT to birch pollen. A positive result with a standard apple allergen (Allergopharma) was recorded for 9 patients (17% of all the patients) and a positive SPT to a native apple allergen was recorded for 31 patients (58.5%). Moreover, a significant correlation was observed between the SPT to the native apple and specific IgE to rBet v1, sIgE of birch pollen (t3) and sIgE of apple (f49). An equivalent significance was not observed in SPT to a standard apple allergen.
Conclusion. IgE to the recombinant allergen Bet v 1, as well as IgE t3 to the standardized birch pollen extract (unlike rBet v 2, rBet v 4 and SPT with the standard apple allergen) reveal highly significant features of apple allergic cross-reactivity in the group of children.

keywords: brzoza, alergia, dzieci, reakcje krzyżowe, jabłko, birch, allergy, children, cross-reactions, apple

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