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vol 12. no 2. June 2007  

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Assesment of CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocytes in adenoids from children with chronic and seasonal allergic rhinitis

Introduction. The role of CD4+CD25+ blood lymphocytes in regulation of allogenic proliferation, cytokine production and allergic response has been confirmed.
Aim of the study. The role of tissue subpopulation CD8+ lymphocytes in the development of allergic response is still unknown. The aim of this study was to assess the percentage of CD4+CD25+, CD4+CD152+ and CD8+CD25+, CD8+CD152+ T lymphocytes found in the nasopharyngeal-associated lymphoid tissue (NALT).
Material and methods. Children suffering from chronic allergic rhinitis, seasonal allergic rhinitis, and non-atopic children were qualified to the study. Adenoid tissue obtained during adenectomy performed for laryngological reasons was examined. The number of adenoid lymphocytes T was assessed by flow cytometry. Statistic analysis was then performed, with significance limit for between-group differences at p<0.05.
Results. There was a statistically significant difference in the number of CD8+CD25+ T cells between allergic (both to pollens and house dust mite) and non-allergic children.
In children with seasonal allergic rhinitis compared to the non-atopic children, the percentages of CD8+CD152+ and CD4+CD152+ T cells were significantly higher, while for the CD4+CD25+ phenotype the differences were not statistically significant. In children with chronic allergic rhinitis, the number of CD8+CD152+ cells was lower compared to control.
Conclusions. Statistically significant differences in the number of subpopulation CD8+CD25+ cells were identified in adenoid of children with allergic rhinitis to pollens and house dust mite compared to non-atopic children.

keywords: limfocyty migdałka gardłowego: CD4+CD25+, CD8+CD25+, alergiczny nieżyt nosa, dzieci, adenoids lymphocytes CD4+CD25+, CD8+CD25+, allergic rhinitis, children

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