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vol 11. no 3. September 2006  

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The expression of tissue factor in house dust mite-sensitive allergic asthma patients
Iwona Kucharewicz, Krzysztof Kowal, Marcin Moniuszko, Izabela Kemona-Chętnik, Anna Bodzenta-Łukaszyk

Introduction. Tissue factor (TF), in addition to proven prothrombotic properties, plays an important role in the inflammatory process. Asthma is characterized by chronic inflammatory process in airways, and allergen exposure is one of the main factors amplifying airway inflammations.
Aim of the study. Evaluation of the TF concentration and monocyte expression during house dust mite allergen challenge test in asthmatic patients.
Material and methods. 13 patients with mild to moderate chronic asthma were included in the study based on history, positive prick tests with Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and farinae, concentration of specific IgE and significant bronchial response to house dust mite allergen challenge. 15 patients with no symptoms of asthma or rhinitis and negative skin prick tests serves as the control group. The concentration of TF antigen was determined with the use of immunoenzymes, and monocyte TF expression was assayed by flow cytometry.
Results. In house dust mite-sensitive allergic asthma patients, TF concentration increased significantly when compared to the control group (947.2±602 pg/ml vs. 232.3±127.7 pg/ml; p=0.0001). TF concentration increased during allergen challenge and 24 hours after the challenge. Monocyte TF expression was similar in the control group and in house dust mite-sensitive patients (0.96±1.91% vs. 0.84±0.27%). 6 hours since the allergen challenge, the expression of TF increased significantly (1.61±1.11% vs. 0.84±0.27%; p=0.015) and continued to be elevated 24 hours after the challenge (1.88±0.8% vs. 0.84±0.27%; p=0.03).
Conclusions. The increase in TF concentration in asthmatic patients and the increase in TF expression on monocytes during allergen challenge suggest the activation of coagulation cascade in asthmatic patients.

keywords: czynnik tkankowy, astma, tissue factor, asthma

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